Best Cyber Monday Nexus 7 deal 2012

Buying the hottest tablet of Google through best Cyber Monday Nexus 7 deal 2012.

Cyber monday nexus 7 deal 2012

Released in 2012, this Nexus 7″ tablet immediately becomes the best seller until Kindle Fire HD and Ipad mini show up. For those who want to experience the latest Android version, Nexus 7 is the perfect tablet.

Best Cyber monday nexus 7 deal 2012


About design, the back of  Nexus 7 is made from rubbery, leathery make me feel very comfortable when holding it. While the Google Nexus 7 is primarily made of plastic and glass, it certainly doesn’t feel cheap. The bezel is make this tablet more elegant and making it plenty comfortable to hold without your fingers or thumbs getting in the way of the screen. Buying a tablet is not cheap, but if you ‘re looking for a new tablet, Google Nexus 7 is a good choice. The tablet is perfect for those whose always travel and  moving a lot.

System processor and OS

Nexus 7 using the latest Android 4.1 OS, also know Jelly Bean, giving you more control and focus. Inside, the Nexus 7 packs the usual assortment of features, including an accelerometer, magnetometer and yes, evens a gyroscope and GPS chip, nicely timed to take advantage of Google Maps’ new offline mode for navigating when Wi-Fi isn’t available. Although I think people use to search map on a smart  phone than a tablet, but you don’t have to pay more to get this feature on Nexus 7. So if you love Nexus 7, you should order it now to get free delivery from Cyber monday nexus 7 deal 2012.

Nexus 7 also using Quad-core Tegra 3 processor chip, quick responsive for your operation. You can play HD games without worry about crash or slowly. It’s definitely a good device for everyone.

The Google Nexus 7 by Asus deliver not only impressive specs, but also a great design, you can easy carry around and put on your bag without major worries. The battery life can stand 8 hour, you can have more fun with this tablet.

Nexus 7 angled next to Kindle Fire

Comparison with other tablets

Bring to you a beautiful screen, fast respond in performance, Google Nesux 7 is easily become the best 7- inch tablet available on the market.  This tablet has many features for entertaining; you can watch movies, music, and play game through Google Play. However, the price Kindle Fire offer is more cheaper  than Nexus 7 - though those lower prices are offset by the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. Reveal the great offer about Nexus 7 through  Cyber Monday Nexus 7 deal 2012.

 Good new for anyone who decide to buy Google Nexus 7 that the “Bean” is upgrade to 4.2. Hopefully you can get the latest version on your Nexus  device.

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nexus7 accessories

Decided to buy a tablet now is a smart choice, because that tablet market will blossom quickly in next year. This device is a mix between a laptop and smart phone, and it has enough features to support your work. More than that, you and your family can enjoy the latest gadgets in Nexus 7. Order Nexus 7 from Cyber Monday, you can control the delivery time, saving money from shipping. You can get the tablet you want to buy with great price through Cyber Monday Nexus 7 deal 2012.


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